New Voice 

Meet Catalina

Catalina was born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois. She is the daughter of an immigrant from Latin America and an Illinois-raised small businessman. Catalina brings a modern perspective to build the future from her experience in tech and as one of the youngest appointments to the executive branch, serving as a special advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Out-of-touch political elites have failed us. They have left our communities facing soaring inflation, failing schools, chaos at our borders, crime and lawlessness in our suburbs, while demonizing our values and beliefs.

Illinois’ 11th District needs an independent voice to bring back common sense thinking, support pro growth, free-market solutions and to preserve America’s promise and our bright future. The American Dream is what made Catalina’s life possible and she is running for Congress to preserve that promise and the future of the American Dream for generations to come. 


Maximum Contribution is $2900 per individual and $5800 per couple. 

On the Issues

Combat Inflation

I will fight to reopen our domestic energy and manufacturing supply chains, promote American small businesses, and put a stop to excessive government spending.

America-First Foreign Policy

I will be strong on border control and immigration reform. I stand against endless wars and foreign investment that puts American lives and businesses at risk.

Parental & Education Rights

I will promote school choice and education for all. We must address the "woke curriculum" and push back against CRT and the hypersexualization of our youth.

Join Team Catalina 

Join our movement! Calling all volunteers to step forward to help us take back this seat! 

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Catalina in the Community

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Senior Advocate

Seniors have spent their lives contributing to our community and and now find themselves vulnerable to inflation and crime. Catalina advocates for their retirement and health. 

Small Business Champion

Catalina is a champion of small businesses across the district and supports skills-based training programs that enable manufacturers that confront workforce shortages to thrive. 

Parent & Education Rights Advocate

Teachers Teach; Parents Parent; and Let Kids Be Kids.

Supports Rural America's Farmers

The 11th District is rich in agricultural production both grain and livestock. Catalina proudly supports the farming community that is vital to ensuring a stable food supply for all Americans. 

Backs the Blue

Catalina supports our law enforcement who promote safe and secure communities. We must support our men and women in uniform and denounce any attempts to defund the police.

Veteran Advocate

Catalina proudly stands with our veteran community. We have responsibility to those that have taken the oath to defend our country both past and present. 

“I'm a product of the American Dream, and today we're seeing that American Dream under attack. We must preserve our values for the future of our Country. We need fresh faces and new perspectives in Washington to do that. A new generation of leadership is needed. No more career politicians!”

Catalina Lauf
Nominee for U.S. Congress 11th District