About Catalina

Rising from the Heartland of Illinois

Catalina was born and raised in Woodstock, IL a small town in the heartland of Illinois. Geographically, the 11th district of IL resembles the heartbeat of America in it's culture, it's values and it's commitment to the American Dream. Catalina represents a new generation of leadership that is fighting to preserve that Dream for generations to come. 

  • Born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois
  • Second Generation Latin American
  • Homeschooled and graduated college two years early
  • One of the youngest Presidential appointees at U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Why I'm Running

I am the product of the American Dream, and I see this American Dream that made my life possible under attack by regressive economic policies and cultural wokeism.  My opponent no longer represents the values of the people of this district with his extremist voting record having voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi.

As the demographics of our districts change, it's imperative that a new generation of independent leadership step forward that more closely resembles the values of the district as a whole. I am running to represent ALL voices in Illinois 11, not the extreme of one side as my opponent represents.


A Letter from Catalina

My good friend Al Mampre, who was a member of the 101st Airborne of WWII (Band of Brothers) said it best when he said that it was HIS generation who had to fight tyranny abroad, but it’s OUR generation, who will have to preserve freedom here.

His words always stuck with me. We live in the Greatest Country in the world — on our worst day. Running for Congress to me is a civic duty: to defend our home district, our home state and preserve the future of the American Dream in our Country that is under attack today by socialist progressives.

My grandmother picked coffee beans at eight years old. My mom worked three-jobs at minimum wage to emigrate to America and became a leader in the community. My father grew-up with parents who barely made it through the Great Depression, yet started his own business and became a successful entrepreneur. Their beginnings didn’t define them. My story is no different than you and your family’s, and that of most Americans. My parents taught me the value of hard-work, liberty and to have an unapologetic love for our Country. If you’re reading this, I bet your family did too.

There’s a lot at stake, and it will take outsiders—every day Americans to turn this Country around.

I worked in the private sector (and still do for a growing startup!) and was a Presidential political appointee at the U.S. Department of Commerce, working on small-business initiatives, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and pro-growth policies. I realized my passion was for people, public service and fighting for our American values (don’t worry, I’ll term-limit myself). I decided to run for Congress to bring Common Sense back to our State.

We may not agree all the time. But know that by electing me as your Representative, you will be sending a fighter to Congress. One who will fight for what matters to YOU, one who is not afraid to disrupt the system, and one who will be a fresh-face and new perspective to Washington. It’s time we send LIONS to Congress, to solve modern-day challenges and get America back on track.

I hope to earn your support through accessibility, transparency, and authenticity. I’ll always lead with my heart and will fight fearlessly for you, and your family.

Thank you for believing in me. My team and I will not let you down!

Lots of love, always,