On Issues

“These issues are not simply 'Republican' or 'Democrat' anymore. This is about preserving the very common sense values at the bedrock of our Nation, American individualism and limited government. The future of the American Dream is at stake. As a free people we have a choice to make and a duty to preserve liberty for future generations. It’s here and it’s now.”

Catalina Lauf
Candidate for Illinois' 11th Congressional District

Pro-Growth Economy; Supporting Small Business and Encouraging Innovation

Growing up in a household of entrepreneurs and having worked in the private sector, I fundamentally understand the pillars that keeps our American economy moving: small-business owners and the American worker. We must foster a pro-growth economic environment where businesses and workers of all levels can thrive with minimal government intrusion, which means: lower taxes, de-regulation, and encouraging innovation in all industries. We must incentivize businesses to stay in Illinois and the U.S., to ensure America remains competitive globally.

  • Catalina is one of the youngest Presidential political appointees to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.
  • Worked in the private sector in financial services and in tech at a pre-IPO unicorn startup.
  • Catalina serves as co-founder and advisor to a fast growing consumer health company, Begin Health

Enforcing Law and Order and Securing Our Border

To keep our communities safe and secure, we must enforce law and order at all levels, whether at our border or within our cities. A Country without borders, is no Country at all. As the daughter of an immigrant from Central America, my family and I know the value of a safe and secure border and the need for legal immigration. Furthermore, we must be tough on crime and support our men and women in Blue so we don’t end up like Cook County! I will be outspoken on ALL of these issues; it’s time for your Representative to have a backbone!

  • We support our men and women in law enforcement and in the U.S. Armed Services
  • Strong on immigration as the daughter of a legal immigrant from Central America
  • Strong on addressing the growing crime rates in the Ex-Suburbs.

Protect Our Individual Liberties

Our Founders made it perfectly clear the Rights of the People were given by their Creator, not man, and could not to be taken away by a Government. Now more than ever we are witnessing the erosion of those rights. Whether it be the censorship of free speech or unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns, governments at all levels are working to take away the rights of its lawful citizen — our individual liberties are under attack. As your Representative in Washington, I will fight every day for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS.

  • The role of your Representative is to represent YOU and protect your individual rights.
  • We must be tough against the attack on Free Speech, Censorship and Privacy.
  • Oppose unconstitutional lockdowns that destroyed our small businesses and impacted mental health. 

Defend Parent and Kids’ Rights

What happened to teachers, teaching? My mother was a teacher for 30 years, and what is happening today is not teaching. It is indoctrination. These last few years have shown Illinois parents that their children’s rights are under attack by Democrat elites in power at every level from the teachers' unions to school boards. We don’t have enough leaders on the National level fighting against forced mandates, Critical Race Theory and other issues seen in our schools today. As a homeschooled kid myself, I support School Choice and will fight alongside our moms and dads of the 11th District against the Marxism taught in our public schools!

  • I will fight alongside you, moms and dads in protecting your kids!
  • Get Critical Race Theory out of our kids' schools and curriculum
  • Bad teaching has no place in our schools, and those in power must be held accountable.